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Kilo Kish - K+

Song Review
Turquoise by Kilo Kish

The Brooklyn natural headed heroine is back again with some brand new tunes for you ladies and gents to bump your fros to. Kilo Kish dropped a new mix tape this week called “K+” and it’s basically a collaborative project. On the album art back cover you can just visualize all the artists, producers, musicians and rappers that helped her create this tape. There is one song specifically I want to focus on and for you to listen to as you enjoy poetry, hazelnut coffee and cool weather. 

Think back to the days of ABC’s and Hide & Seek.  Remember when it was time to color and the one kid in the class had the 64 pack of crayons? Searching for the best color you flew to the blue sections and discovered a hue that you couldn’t even spell or describe but once that pencil touched the paper it created a maritime masterpiece Turquoise is an interesting color, it has both hues of blue green and even a hint of white. It has a hint of elegance, mysticism and its one of earths natural beauties. Just as the color has its qualities so does the song Turquoise by Ms. Kish. As we know she sounds like a breeze in a meadow of wheat; her voice is mesmerizing and equally haunting and when she strings together the lyrics of this song the “I can only be your bad girl half the time”. What sets the song over the edge however is one of R&B’s most underrated singers, Jesse Boykins III, as he provides harmonizing vocals and accents for Kilo’s voice during the hooks. He doesn’t have his own solo or portion but what he did for the show sprinkled sex, and excellence all over it.  Seriously if someone opted to make a video for this it would consist of cigarette smoke, spilled wine glasses and ripped stockings and buttons.  The visual it creates in one’s mind is reminiscent of a love set for doom.  

Check out her mixtape K+ here and embrace the cool.

- Lee

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